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Buffalo Data Recovery


I use a Buffalo Drivestation on a Mac to save information. The device has an NTFS partition, with 3tb of data memory. When I try to use it with my PS3 device, something has went wrong with it. Although the system recognises the device, and gives the drive a name, when I try to hit the triangle to see the folder, where my files should be, it says that there are no titles available. I have tried to connect it using other cables, and shifted the device about a bit to see if that was the problem, but no matter what I have tried, the PS3 will not open the files. It confuses me that it can recognise the drive, so that I can see what is on there, but it will not open or see any of the files inside that drive. As there is no problem with the Mac and the Drivestation, I imagine there must be some problem in communication between Buffalo devices and the PS3. I really need the data from the Buffalo system.


I have been having some problems with an Acer computer which is connected to a Buffalo Drivestation external hard drive. I was not trying to do anything with the external drives, and was instead trying to reset my computer, as it appeared to have a virus of some kind. I had backed up all of my data onto the Drivestation, and then pressed ‘Format’ in order to get the computer back to a reasonable state. I in fact had a little bit of trouble with this, because I found it hard to use the eRecovery Management system that operates with Acer. I read the information that the drive was being restored to factory settings. I assumed that this was the computer’s HD, and so pressed Accept. However, it is clear that the computer was in fact reformatting the external hard drive. The light was on, and the Drivestation plugged in, which I realise was a stupid mistake. However, the problem is that the Buffalo drive now won’t boot onto the computer. I also cannot find it in ‘My Computer’. It does appear as “Disk 1” in DMU, but nothing apart from that.