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Hard Drive Failure

My Toshiba external hard drive, which is 500GB in size and was purchased from a popular online retailer has decided that it no longer wants to work. I thought it was something I had done until I checked out the reviews online that state the problem I’m having is a very common one. It’s a HDTB105EK3AA and is USB 3.0 enabled. As such I have been moving it from place to place with me plugging it into an external power source as required. However the other day when I did this the power supply snapped inside thus breaking the connecting pin and rendering it useless unless I do what one of my work colleagues suggested which is to have the drive taken out of the housing its in and put into another one. I understand there is a risk to the drive if I have this done and in addition to that the warranty is void but having said that the retailer I bought it from can only guarantee my money back or a replacement and not the safety of my data. It seems to be customary to only offer a replacement service and nothing to do with the retrieval of the data but if I want that I can buy an independent party a large chunk of money for software that may or may not work. I really need some help here.

Samsung Story Station 1.5TB USB drive has died a death. I’m sorry I can’t start my request for help with anything wittier or more upbeat but sadly that’s the heart of the matter. I’ve only used it half a dozen times if that and in that time I’ve managed to collate all of my previous CD and DVD backups onto the drive because I thought with 1.5TB that was the way to go. Indeed it was until I tried powering the drive up and nothing happened. There were no lights on the front of the panel, no noise, nothing. I used a voltage meter and checked that the power supply was operational and indeed it is but there doesn’t seem to be anything happening inside the casing. I was told to try the Seagate website because they purchased Samsung’s hard drive production but that was no help and after a while and many different forums I discovered this is a common fault. I can’t take the drive out because I’m concerned it wont work in another caddy so I need help to recover somewhere in the region of 40,000 photos.