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I am having a problem with my Iomega external hard drive. It has been used with my Mac computer for at least 2 years without problems, but now seems to be inaccessible. I cannot access the files on my Mac, and each time I plug it into the computer, there is a message from the computer saying “Inserted Disk Not Readable”. I have tried to access the files using other devices, including a Macbook and iMac, and am not able to get the files from either. There is a working light on the external hard drive, so there is clearly not a problem with the connection, or the links to the computer. I am not very good at formatting, but I have many essential documents on the Iomega hard drive, and need to access them.


I use a series of Iomega external hard drives, two of which have 1TB of memory, and two of which have 3TB of memory. These were working well with my Windows 7 computer, an old Hewlett Packard system. They had individual drive letters, and all worked independently of each other. However, I recently purchased a Hewlett Packard Envy PC which runs Windows 8. When I try to use the external hard drives on the new system, I cannot find one of my 3TB drives. Booting up the computer, only one will show at any one time. I can shut that one down, and the other one will show up in its place. It does not matter which one of the drives shows up, the other one will replace it when I close the first one down. I have assigned new drive letters to the one which was on the screen, and then rebooted the PC. However, while the newly assigned letter appeared, the old one, with the other 3TB drive on, did not show. I turned off that drive, and the other one appeared, under the newly given drive letter! I have used different ports for each drive, all to no avail.