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LaCie Data Recovery


I made a serious mistake, and need some expert advice about what I can do to recover my data. I have a Lacie HD which has worked well for a while. I keep the Lacie on a desk, along with a number of other ports and drives which my computer uses. Unfortunately, the cables lay side by side, and they all look the same. Long story short, I put the wrong power supply cable, with a much bigger voltage, into my hard drive, and I think that I shorted it out. It won’t respond at all to being plugged in, powered up, nothing. I have tried different power cables (using the right voltage this time), and have also tried different USB ports. Nothing seems to work. There is no external damage, so it seems as though everything is fine to the eye, but the Lacie drive itself is as dead as a dodo.


I am trying to resolve a problem with my Lacie hard drive. Essentially, it has died after falling off of the desk. One of the disks is clicking so I have put that disk to one side and started to work on the other. The recovered disk has thousands of bad sectors in it, but I am wondering whether it would be worth copying the second disk to the computer, and seeing whether any of that can be saved. They are RAID 1, so the data is independent on either. However, there is a serious problem that I cannot get around, and that is that I really need the files on the disk which is not working as the disk I am getting some data off does not see to have up-to-date data on it. Really, if I can’t recover that disk, then I might as well just throw the whole thing in the bin and start again with a brand new hard drive. and get back the files.