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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I am trying to find a way to save two hard drives from a Synology NAS which no longer works. There was a sudden loss of power to the NAS, which meant that it shut down without saving and when it rebooted, I found that I could not access any of the disks, or the data within the disks. I am hoping that, despite the fact that the Synology NAS has failed, there will still be data intact on each of the disks. However, I have connected the disks with a usb caddy but my Mac does not recognise the disks at all.


I have been using a Synology DiskStation NAS with 2 3TB drives for some time. However, yesterday, the NAS just crashed for some reason. One of the hard drives was in use as part of an encoding session. Suddenly, there was a loud noise like something metal falling onto the floor, and then several beeps. That was all, and now I can use neither drive, as they don’t even spin in the device any more. There is just more beeping. The sound appears to be coming from the drives, rather than from the NAS, but the DiskStation is not really working, either. In order to find out what to do next, I tried putting in a new disk, and this worked fine in the NAS for a few moments, and that also died. I am thinking that there must have been a problem with the DiskStation for all of the drives to die like that, together, but I can’t work out what has gone wrong. I tried the drives in another enclosure, and sure enough, they started to spin around. There is a little bit of clunking, and then it winds down again.