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Hitachi Touro Mobile USB 3.0 Black 500GB External 2.5″ Hard Drive
My Hitachi Touro Mobile External Hard Drive 500 GB has been with me for quite some time now. However, I just started using it a week ago so I just kept it in its box since I bought it. It was working perfectly until today when it seemed to perform slower than before. When I plugged it in, it loads longer than before. That was still okay with me because at least I could use it to transfer file until several minutes ago when I used it again and what I thought to be slower seemed to be forever. I plugged it in like usual but it just kept on loading and nothing ever shows up. Upon checking, my computer says that it is indexing Time Machine backups but it never stops checking the indexing! I have reconnected the hard drive several times but still same problems. I need to recover the data from the Hitachi hard disk.

Hitachi Simple Drive 500GB External Drive
I purchased a Hitachi Simple Drive 500GB external drive more than a year ago and I was really amazed how useful it is as a storage device. I was able to put various files quickly and it is portable enough to carry around with great ease. But yesterday, I was so careless that it fell off my table. Now, it has stopped working and I think I damage something inside it. My question is, if I find out what is broken inside, can I just replace that and still use it as my hard drive? I have read that usually if a hard drive breaks due to shock attained when falling, the SATA 2 part gets damaged. Can I just replace that for it to work? From the outside, it still looks perfect since it fell on a soft area. But I think it still got broken since it is no longer now. I found a store nearby that sold SATA 2 part but I connected this and it would srtill not work.