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Emails From Local IBM Data Recovery Clients

IBM hard drive on data theft
The hard drive on my IBM computer just crashed and when I phoned tech support, they immediately sent me with a new hard drive. The thing is, they told me to send back the broken one. I am a bit hesitant to do that because I have saved some important data on the drive and I am worried that they might recover that. On further chats with IBM support they don’t do data recovery and will destroy the original drive which is not what I want at all. IBM advised me to go to a Data Recovery Centre to get the data recovered and then send back my original hard disk.

IBM Hard Drive in a Laptop
I am having a problem with the hard drive on my IBM laptop. It is a small capacity drive 30gb and is really not enough for all the data that I need to backup, on top of this the hard disk failed this morning and now I have no access to any of the data on the IBM drive. When I listened closely, it seems that the new hard drive doesn’t spin as expected. It sounded as if it was trying to start spinning but something was stopping it. I am guessing that the board is not drawing enough power to the hard drive.