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Maxtor Basics External Hard Drive
I have a problem with my Maxtor Basics External Hard Drive. I have this hard drive for almost a year now but yesterday, a colleague borrowed it copy some files. I gladly obliged but before I could give it to him he asked if I could just do the file transfer and he would send his notebook over. I said that would be okay as I had nothing much to do anyway. However, when I plugged my Maxtor Basics External hard drive on his computer, nothing happened. It was not detected or read by the computer and the power light didn’t turn on (this portable drive only uses a USB cable and there is no power cord). I tried to reboot his computer first because I thought that might be the problem but still nothing happened. Worried, I tried it on my computer and it wouldn’t work on mine now as well. Just to be sure, I tried it on a third computer but it is really no longer working. I even checked the Device Manager but it is no longer there.

Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 1TB
I installed a new hard drive on my computer one year ago, a Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax with storage capacity of 1TB. The BIOS is not detecting it as a primary IDE but it recognized it as a slave drive. During boot up, an error message pops on the screen saying that drive is not ready and it is stopped. On instances when the primary IDE is detected along with the DiamondMax as slave, my computer gets really sluggish and freezes the computer. I observed the drive with the computer turned on but I hear no noise and I don’t see any lights flashing to indicate that the drive is busy.