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I’ve recently installed a relatively old Seagate st340014a hard drive into my computer as a slave. The aim was to use this for a lot of my art and design work so that if the main drive failed the info on the slave would be save. When I checked the disc was being recognized by my operating system – in this case Windows XP – it showed me the drive there and also the fact it had previously been partitioned into three. I deleted the partitions and Windows told me it had been done with ease and when I restarted the computer and went into MY COMPUTER to check the disc had disappeared completely. I restarted the machine again and again no disc was showing up. I’m not clued in on this sort of thing so I checked the internet and found some forums that said check the device manager which I did. The drive shows up in the device manager and Windows says its working fine. The BIOS also sees it but I cannot for the life of me get access to it or even have it displayed in MY COMPUTER. Can you help me sort it?

My Seagate Barracuda drive has developed a problem and I don’t know what to do. I’m not really very good with computers so all I can tell you is what has happened and when and give you as much information as I can. When I start up my computer that is an oldish Dell machine, the hard drive makes this high pitched clicking sound as if there is something stuck in it as it goes round. It started a few days ago after we had a power cut and when the computer came back on the noise started quietly and then got louder and louder. My mate tells me that he thinks the boot sector is gone and when he had a look at it he said the CMOS whatever that is was detecting the hard drive but that was it. He said if the boot sector was gone the best course of action was to reformat the drive and start fresh. Under normal circumstances I would but I work from home inputting people’s tax returns and there are literally hundreds of PDFs that are on that drive. My mate said I could try putting the drive in another machine but it was risky because the next computer might not see the drive at all or demand that it be formatted to its file structure. I’m sorry if this isn’t very clear but I’m not into this sort of thing at all and only use a computer to make a living. Is he right when he says all hope is lost?