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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Laptop Hard Drives and Other Related Storage Devices:

Here at Milton Keynes Data Recovery we are often asked to help recover the data that has been left inaccessible or classed as lost on laptop hard drives. Again the technology used to produce a laptop hard drive is the same as that of a PC or Mac but in this instance the technology is on a smaller scale which in itself can lead to a myriad of problems. Laptop hard drives are also prone to failures caused by knocks and bangs that occur when the machine is moved from place to place and although a laptop may be transported in what many consider to be secure cases there is still scope for physical damage to be caused whilst in transit. If you notice any reduction in the speed of your hard drive after having moved it then it is advised that you contact us at Milton Keynes Data Recovery in order that we may help you diagnose any potential problems before they become fatal. At the very least we will be able to recover your data even if we cannot save your laptop’s hard drive.

Laptop Hard Drive Failing Due to Mechanical Causes:

Again because of the delicacy of the components involved in the production of laptop hard drives physical damage may occur whilst in transit. Also prolonged use of your laptop without a break in between sessions may reduce the life expectancy of a hard drive considerably. It’s worth noting that although many laptops have a sleep or power save function there is still some activity within the hard drive.

Laptop Hard Drive Circuit Board Fail:

The hard drive of a laptop may well have a PCB (printed circuit board) or printed circuitry that allows for the passing of commands between drive and motherboard. This printed circuitry can be damaged due to an excess of electricity passing through it or simply because of wear and tear. It may also fail if the laptop itself has taken a knock. You should bear in mind that PCBs are just that, very thinly soldered connections that do not take a great deal to crack or snap.

Laptop Hard Drive & Related Firmware Nullified:

The firmware program that runs your hard drive comes pre-installed from the factory and for the most part you may never have any cause to deal with it. There are known issues with many brands of laptop where the firmware is out of date once the laptop reaches the retail floor. In between the production of the hard drive and its insertion into a laptop the manufacturer may change certain details or ways in which the firmware communicates with other onboard components and without a successful update this firmware is rendered next to useless. Likewise damage to certain areas of the drive or the PCB can corrupt the firmware and leave you with an HDD that does nothing other than spin

Laptop Hard Drive, Defragmentation and Other Operating System-Related Issues:

Many people find that by defragmenting their hard drive through the operating system they are reducing load times and bringing files that are spread over various sectors of the drive into alignment. Although this practice is one that can prove to have advantages there are times when defragmenting a disk – if there is an error already occurring without the user’s knowledge – can make an underlying problem much worse. We have dealt with many users who have discovered their hard drive works well below par after a defragmentation and acts as a precursor to an HDD fail

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