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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


I have a dead Acer Extensa 5420 PC laptop. As I said, the laptop itself is dead as a doornail. I have not set up any password or encryption on the drive. I have connected the drive to another computer and can see the drive, both in Device manager and Disk Management, but when I try to read the drive, it asks for a password. I also get reports from the Manager systems that the drive cannot be initialised, for some reason, which makes me think that the password is blocking their access to the files, too.

ACER 8930G

I had an old hard drive in an external enclosure, plus an Acer 8930G laptop which also had a hard drive in. The former drive was the one giving the most difficulty, as it kept reporting that there were bad sectors on the drive, and the OS could not be accessed. I realised that this was too complicated a job for me, and so I took it to a laptop repair shop, they ended up deleting files from the hard drive on the laptop, and then overwriting it with the data from the enclosure drive, which was the one giving me the problems in the first place. They copied all the files from the old hard drive, and then put them onto a temporary drive, then loaded them back onto the Acer. It crashed and they repeated this. I don’t know why. Now it seems like they can only recover 50GB from a drive which had at least 250GB of data on it.