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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an Asus X501A laptop, which is running a WD Scorpio Blue hard drive with 320gb. Although it is only a few months old, it has started to fail already, with freezes, screeching noises, and the good old BSOD. I have tried to run diagnostics, and the test was not able to complete. It said that there were ‘too many bad sectors’ on the drive for it to finish. I then ran another test, and it also said that there were lots of ‘bad sectors’, and gave the hard drive a score of 68% health. I had some data saved on there in the hard drive, and could not get it to recover this data. When I tried to remove the files and folders to another drive, it simply gave me an error, and I had to give up.


I am experiencing BSOD with my Asus U365D laptop. I was using it a great deal before this, and had experienced slight lag. I thought this was probably due to the amount of data which I had on the hard drive. Despite these warnings, I failed to back up, and so now I have the blue screen of death and all my data stuck behind it. I got a blue screen, and then a black screen, neither with any messages. The power lights and other lights were all on, and the caps lock light would also work. I decided to try a restart, and then booted it back into the system. I managed to get beyond the splash screen, but then was left in another black screen with a cursor at the top of the left side. This I think means that it cannot find the OS. I have kept rebooting, with no success, and have even used F1 to get into BIOS. I can see the hard drive listed there, but I cannot actually get into the hard drive to recover the data.