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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I have an old Fujitsu laptop, model number th700, which has finally died after a lot of years. I had even updated it to Windows 8 because it was used so often. I had dropped it a few times, never while it was on, and I think that I damaged the motherboard, because it now doesn’t turn on. I bought a new laptop, and attempted to put the old hard drive from the Fujitsu into the new computer. However, they are not compatible. I got a SATA enclosure, and plugged the hard drive into the enclosure, trying to get the system to read the files. I can see the enclosure, and the drive appears as a CD icon, and there is a message saying Windows Cannot Access Disk. I have seen that Windows Disk Manager can read the drive, and shows the right size, but it seems to not understand the nature of the disk, or that there are files and partitions on it.


I am trying to recover a Fujitsu MH2100 laptop which I wanted to use. However, it will not unlock and allow me access to the hard drive. I have tried everything, including password recovery tools, and tools which would help me to bypass the lock. The main user of the drive runs a company about to be tax audited, and she needs to get some data back. She says that she took the laptop to a friend’s husband, because the system was locked up, and while fixing it the man seems to have added some passwords that she does not know.