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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I need some help with a Macbook Pro Z0GL. I was looking at a film on it the other day, when the movie stopped, and when I tried to exit it, found that the entire OS was frozen. I had to do a hard shut down by pressing down the power button until the laptop went off. I tried to get the system to reboot, but it was very slow and sometimes when I was trying to log on, I could sit there for ages, just waiting. There was a beach ball sign with each click of the mouse, and on almost all occasions, the laptop would freeze after about 5 minutes. I went into recovery, and tried to get it to install an upgraded version of the system. This ended up with several errors, but they went past so quickly that I did not have time to read any of them. I was verifying the system, and the Mac just froze up, and I had to shut down again. Since then, I have been unable to get into the system, there is the usual Apple logo, and then a No Enter sign. I want to get the data from the hard drive back.


I am using an external hard drive enclosure with a Macbook Pro laptop. I was working on this earlier today when I accidentally caught the cable around my elbow (Don’t ask, it just happened), and then pulled the enclosure off the table. I caught the case, and placed it back on the table, but since then, I have not been able to connect to the hard drive. I saw that the USB port on the laptop was hanging loose, probably after the collision, so I took the casing off of the laptop to try and put it back in, but as soon as I opened the case, the USB port fell onto the floor. I don’t know if I can recover the enclosure, but I really want the data which is in the hard drive. I have been using this hard drive as my main backup system for the Macbook, and it journals to the drive every night.