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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio PCG8 laptop which has died a death. I want to extract the data which is inside the hard drives, and I am having problems proceeding to the recovery level. I can plug in the drives, but only one can be seen. The first drive has around 290gb, but the other only gets a message saying Initialise Disk. I can see it in there, and it appears to have only a small amount of data on it. I ran some recovery programs on the first disk, but when the data was extracted, I found that the majority of the files have been corrupted, and now look like computer gibberish rather than Word documents. I am wondering if the hard drives could possibly be in Raid0 configuration, and that is why the recovered files are corrupt.


I use a Sony Vaio PCG-K35 laptop recently have been having some problems with it. When I boot up the laptop it gets to the login screen and does not allow me to type in my user name and password as usual. I have not changed the password recently. I took the laptop to the Sony shop and they could not logon either. They advised me to contact a Data Recovery Centre.