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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I am trying to fix a problem with a Compaq Presario desktop. This problem started when I received a message saying that there was a problem with the fan not working properly. It said, if I remember correctly, “CPU Fan Error. Press F1 to Esc”. On pressing F1, the Windows screen would start to load. I know that fan problems are common, and so I purchased a new fan, and replaced it. When the start button is pressed, the blue light around the button will come on for a few seconds, flashing, and then it will shut down. I have re-opened the computer, and removed the hard drive to copy the data from it but it is not getting recognised in another computer.


I have a PC in the Compaq DC7700 range, but I am having trouble accessing my SQL database that stores all my clients data. When I login to the PC the system starts up okay without any problems but when I try to start SQL server it says it cannot find the database. I have looked where SQL database should be located but the PC is not allowing me to look inside the folder.