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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


My The HP system working fine at the friend’s house. We plugged it in when we got home, and for a few hours she was able to upload her homework onto the computer, and start writing on the Office program. However, shortly afterwards, she insisted on removing the fan which cools the video card. I didn’t want her to do this, but apparently it has never worked, and her friend said to just remove it. The computer was working ok still, but then she plugged a USB device into one of the ports, saying that she wanted to save her work. Suddenly, the screen went blank. The computer still powers up, and there are lights at the front, and we can hear the hard drive. We used another video card, but this has not worked. My daughter needs to get this homework off of the computer so that she can complete it by hand.


I am using an HP Pavilion A305W, with a Windows operating system. The problem is that the laptop was stolen, and then recovered. The people who stole it have installed something onto the computer which essentially protects it with a password. I have not been able to get onto the computer since it was returned, and I can’t unlock it with any password that was suggested by the thieves. I can go into BIOS and view my desktop, and I can see that there are files there which have not been deleted by the thieves, including a lot of personal information. I did try to get into the system through BIOS, but it won’t let me. I don’t know if the computer is safe to use as it is, so my main concern is to take off the files that are still on the system, clean them with an anti-virus, and then replace them into another computer. I need some help in recovering the data and putting it onto another drive.