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Retrieve Data From A Lenovo Desktop PC

Lenovo J Series:

I have a Series J Lenovo computer which will not boot up into Windows. I can get it almost all of the way into the computer, but when it starts up the Windows Loading page, it just turns itself off. It doesn’t even do the restart thing, which I might have expected; it just seems to go completely dead. I can get the other systems running, including Bios and the Splash screen, but I just can’t get the computer to load an operating system. I have been trying to get into Vista for about a week now, and I am seriously concerned that I might have lost all of the data that was on the hard drive, as I can’t see it or read it. I have been thinking about a complete OS reinstall, and that would allow me to get back into Vista, but without being able to get the data back it would be useless. I really need to be able to recover this data, it is my priority.

LENOVO 3000:

I have a Lenovo 3000 desktop which is making odd beeping noises when I turn the system on, and won’t allow me into the Windows desktop. I can see the Bios screens, but even if I select Safe Mode, I can’t actually get back into the Windows Loading screen. It will run all through the setup, even past the Bios screen, but then it just hangs there, as though waiting for the next bit to boot up. Someone has suggested that the beeping comes from the Bios set-up, or maybe the CMOS battery, but it does suggest that there is something not quite right with the boot process. As I can’t get into Bios, these things must be connected. I am also concerned that it might affect the hard drive, which has a lot of data on it. I need to have this data, and get it back quickly, so that I can use it in my work. At the moment, being locked out of the desktop, I can’t see the files even in Bios.