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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have recently bought a second hand PC which was refurbished by a local repair shop. I have two copies of the master CD, and another two copies of a second master CD. There are also some floppy restore system disks. The computer had been working for a few days when it crashed. I already had data on the drive, and so needed to recover the OS. As this was something that needed to be done, I put in the recovery disks, and they started to run through the recovery process. This was working fine until I had to put in the master disks as part of the process. I put in the CD, and it started spinning in the drive, but the screen suddenly went blank, and then I could get no response from the computer. The screen is now completely black, although I can hear the CD turning around in the drive, and if I turn it on again, I can hear the fans and the hard drive on start up, but see nothing. I wanted to recover the data.


I need some help with a Packard Bell Ixtreme which is suffering from power cord failure. I know that this is where the problem lies, as the computer suffered an electrical short yesterday, with a loud banging or popping noise and a flash. Afterwards, there was lots of smoke coming from the back of the unit. Despite replacing the old power unit with a new one, I have not been able to recover the computer. I suppose that I have fried the inside. The problem is that I use this computer for work, and there are not only documents, but also images, photographs and graphs which I need to be able to show my employer. These are all stuck on the computer, and I need a way to extract them before the computer is replaced. I have all of this data stored on the internal hard drive.