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RAID Server Problems Encountered by Home and Office Users:

RAID servers are used commonly now both at home and in the workplace. And while families may use a small RAID array for the saving and streaming of their multimedia many offices use RAID setups to allow their employees to simultaneously access CRM databases and large files that may be used for design and audio/video production. A RAID array will often continue to work if one or more drives fails but there are exceptions to this rule so if you encounter problems with your RAID setup and feel that there is a danger to your data please contact us at your earliest convenience here at Milton Keynes Data Recovery

RAID Hard Drive Array Failures:

We are more than aware of the variety of problems that befall RAID array drives during the course of their lifespan. Sometimes a drive will simply fail due to the sheer volume of traffic that passes back and forth across it and sometimes a drive(s) may fail if the controller card sending instructions to it from an external PC malfunctions. As already detailed some RAID setups can continue to operate if 1 or 2 of the drives fail but beyond that you should exercise caution and have anyone using it safe their data locally (to the PC or Mac they are working on) and seek professional help. Whilst we can help rebuild a RAID setup and retrieve data if more than 2 drives fail simultaneously there is a risk to the mirrored data that has been saved on the remaining drives

RAID Rebuild & Hot Swapping Problems:

A great many RAID servers now allow for a process known as ‘hot swapping’. This process allows for the administrator of the system to remove a faulty drive and replace it with a new drive (or certainly a drive that is known to work correctly) whilst the RAID server is still powered on and connected to its associated network. While the process of hot swapping is under way users connected to the network can still save data to and access data from the remaining functioning drives where mirrored images of the failed drive(s) are being stored. If a full rebuild has taken place (this involves having all network users logging off as well as powering off the RAID server) then you should be aware that not all rebuilds work successfully and as a result you may find that (a) no one can save to the array and (b) no data can be accessed from it. if you have suffered a setback as a result of a failed rebuild please contact us here at Milton Keynes Data Recovery and we will help as much as we can to restore your data and rebuild your array

RAID Server Firmware and Corruptive Upgrades :

Each of the HDDs attached to the array will operate using their own firmware which is pre-loaded to the drive either via a printed circuit board or directly onto the drive itself. Firmware can be temperamental and may not function correctly if there are several different makes of drive fitted or if the firmware has been superseded by a version that has not been updated. Note also that installing an upgraded version of disk firmware does not always guarantee success. You may like to speak to us before attempting such an upgrade just in case the upgrade succeeds only in making the problem worse

RAID Controller Cards and Mirroring Issues:

Whether using a home network or a larger one in an office/company environment you, as the user, may find that problems arise because of a faulty controller card. These controller cards are designed to help with the parity calculations which allow you to run more than one drive at a time. The more drives you have in your array the more calculations need to be carried out and it may the case that your controller card malfunctions simply because it cannot cope with the number of drives attached to your array. This will also have a knock on effect when it comes to producing mirrors on each of the drive so if you are in any doubt please do contact us at Milton Keynes Data Recovery

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