D Link & Iomega Raid 5


I have a D-Link NAS hard drive server which is configured in a 5-Raid array. We put on quite a lot of data, including essential files and folders, but we am now having problems with the array. The main source of the problems is that the server crashed, after a power cut happened while the system was plugged in. I wasn’t copying or downloading any of the files, it was just turned on and the computer was also on but not being used. This appears to have been enough to fail the whole system, as now when we try to get the NAS going, the computer keeps telling me that the volume has been ‘crashed’ and is unavailable. I have a lot of data on the NAS array which is quite important, and I need help in fixing it so that I can recover this information. There are files and folders which we absolutely have to recover as they are business critical.

Iomega 5 RAID NAS:

I have an Iomega Store Centre NAS which has a 5-RAID array system which is used to house a variety of data including photographs and documents. Problems started with a power spike which shorted out my power supply. Since this has happened, I have not been able to communicate with the RAID 5 array. Each time I try to plug in the array, the computer reports that one of the drives has failed, and then immediately starts to rebuild. This can take hours to complete, but as soon as the rebuild is finished, the array freezes. This means that we are not able to go into the system and extract the data, as the rebuild or the freezing is constantly blocking my attempts to open the folders. We need a lot of the data that is on the Iomega Store Centre Server and we need a critical data recovery service from it.