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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Often Recognised Hard Drive Issues:

Hard drives can suffer from a whole host of problems that can leave you, the user, unable to access or retrieve your precious data and to this end we at Milton Keynes Data Recovery are here to help you find your way through the minefield of reasons as to why a hard drive can fail and what can be done to reclaim your data should the disk failure be severe enough to render the drive useless. Many of the problems associated with hard drive failures are physical and involve elements of the internal workings of the drive no longer functioning. Components such as the bearings, spindles, the glass platters on which data is stored and even the printed circuit board can all be credited with the failure of a drive. Even software issues involving the firmware and/or conflicts with the operating system may lead to the hard drive in your computer becoming non responsive.

The Mechanical Aspects of a Hard Drive Failure:

From a mechanical viewpoint there are delicate, detailed and hard working components that go to make up the inside of the hard drive you use to store data on. Components that move at incredible speeds are often the first to suffer a failure as such movement, especially over long periods of time, can lead to malfunction when they come off their axis or snap. One such component is known as the actuator arm and it moves across the platters of the hard drive in the same way a record player needle moves across a vinyl album. The big difference here however is that this piece of mechanical equipment moves so fast that the naked eye struggles to comprehend the movement as it travels back and forth across platters at a staggering 3000 times every minute. Our experts have a wealth of in-depth knowledge dealing with such issues and should your hard drive suddenly stop working contacting us at Milton Keynes Data Recovery is the first step on the road to recovering your lost data

Initialisation, Formatting and Partitioning Problems:

When using a hard drive in conjunction with any operating system there are certain things it must do in order for the hard drive to be operational to the user. The drive must first be formatted and at this point the operating system should show up any errors on the disk. We say should because sometimes the operating system does not pick up on them or indeed can cause errors such as bad sectors during the formatting process. Partitioning is also an issue as many users do not create any more than one partition which in effect means that the hard drive itself is one huge partition prone to errors on a vast scale. It is always advisable when formatting a drive to install an operating system that you create at least two partitions; one for the operating system and its recovery setup, and one for the storing of your data. Again initialisation problems can occur if there are bad clusters or sectors on the disk and if these are to be found at the point where the OS creates its start-up and boot directory then further down the line you may find the drive inoperable if the sectors number a great many.

Hard Drive Printed Circuit Board Fail:

You might be surprised to know that in this day and age printed circuit boards still play their part in the technology that goes to make up a computer. Although the motherboard is effectively one large PCB with a variety of slots and ports available for the installation of additional components, the hard drive itself often has a small but necessary PCB on its underside. This PCb not only connects the ribbon cable and jumpers to the drive and motherboard but can also contain the firmware software that relays commands to the drive so that in works parallel to other devices. More modern drives have the firmware pre-written onto the platters of the hard drive but firmware can still be an issue.

Out of Date or Corrupted Firmware:

When a hard drive leaves the factory it is pre-loaded with firmware; the small but complicated little program that allows the drive to work with other devices it comes into contact with when installed in your PC. Firmware as a general rule should not require updating but on occasion a manufacturer may update a motherboard or other device and without up to date firmware on the hard drive this may lead to conflicts and errors

The Poor Performance of your Hard Drive as Detected by your Operating System:

When you first begin using your computer you should immediately notice the speed at which data is written to and retrieved from the disk. This is a speed that sadly cannot be maintained over the lifespan of the drive and when the speed begins to decrease this can often be a forerunner to a drive failure. This loss of speed especially in the read/write process can signify the degradation of a disk as time goes on and should it become very noticeable you should take steps to make a backup. However should the drive suddenly fail we can help you reclaim your data using state of the art recovery software and a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Contact us at Milton Keynes Data Recovery for more information on how we can recover your data

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