External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Mechanical Fault £299

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Critical Service £795

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External Hard Disk Drive Issues Commonly Documented:

External hard drives have now become the staple of many a home and office user as well as larger organisations who want their staff to be able to access data on the move. Indeed some companies now supply their clients with external hard drives as an advertising tool. Just like an internal hard drive these storage devices can suffer a wealth of problems and many of them are physical mechanical failings. The now infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is often the precursor to a external hard drive failure. Warm reboots (when the computer restarts itself without warning) are also a common indicator that something is wrong. If either of these fates befall you contact us at www.miltonkeynesdatarecovery.co.uk so that we may help diagnose the problem and assist you in recovering your data before it is too late

External Hard Drive Mechanical Dereliction:

External HDDs operate using the same technology as an internal HDD with the addition of a separate casing (or caddy). This caddy has its own power supply and also USB cable connections that may suffer a fail too. In the main though the problems that befall an external hard drive include those that afflict an internal HDD such as spindle and platter degradation where the fraction of a millimetre coating wears off leaving bad areas of the disk where no data can be saved or previously saved data may be lost.

External Hard Drive PCB Deterioration:

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that holds information important to the operation of the hard drive may suffer a malfunction if it is subject to a sudden and overpowering burst of electricity. Such power surges often happen without warning and as a result the user has no way of shutting the machine down in time or disconnecting it from the electricity. A lot of computer users simply plug their computer and corresponding external HDD straight into the nearest electrical socket without taking the precaution of adding a surge protector and this is when the likelihood of a power surge causing damage is at its greatest.

External Hard Disk Drive Firmware Corruption:

Before an external HDD leaves the factory it is programmed with what is known as firmware. The firmware program works in a similar way to the BIOS in your computer and determines how the external hard drive should operate in conjunction with the host device to which it is connected. It also determines at what speed the disk spins; commonly at 3600 or 7200 revolutions per minute. If this firmware fails as the drive is spinning then a sudden stop could cause the actuator arm to snap, damaging the glass platters as it scrapes across them. If the platters are damaged as a result then you may well find that your data is no longer retrievable through conventional methods and it will become necessary to employ the services of a professional recovery service such as ours at www.miltonkeynesdatarecovery.co.uk

Your Operating System, Bad Sector Reporting and Your External Hard Disk Drive:

The operating system that you use, be it Windows or Mac OS, has the ability to report bad sectors and will do so if it finds any. However with external HDDs this process is not always accurate as the operating system is more attuned to identifying problems on an internal hard drive. Whilst some operating systems have now had disk check programs incorporated that also check additional hard drives there may be occasions when this does not pick up on bad sectors, irregular volumes and read/write failures on external disks.

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