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Personal Computer Hard Drive Failures & Faults:

If you have a Windows-based PC you may find yourself daunted by an array of error messages telling you that your hard drive is failing. Indeed it may well be the case that your hard drive is failing and it is a good thing if Windows is making a point of telling you this but what can you do? Many people instantly reach for their copy of the operating system and plan to reinstall a which sounds practical but in itself can add to the problems. If the drive is physically failing, i.e suffering from bad sectors or clusters or spinning at a reduced speed, then reinstalling the operating system will do nothing to prevent this. In this instance all you are really doing is prolonging the inevitable. As with the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ Windows will display the error but will not give you any hints or tips as to how to resolve it so if you feel the hard drive is indeed failing and you have data to be recovered switch off and contact us at www.miltonkeynesdatarecovery.co.uk

PC Hard Drive Failure Caused by External and Internal Power Supply Issues:

A computer is only as good as the power that makes it work and if there is a problem with the power supply you may well find yourself with a machine that continually crashes with no warning or simply burns the internal components because of too much power being allowed through. The biggest problem caused by the introduction of more than necessary levels of power is that it cannot only damage the motherboard and corresponding components such as memory, the CPU and any installed cards such as graphics and sound cards; but also the hard drive. Whereas it may be a pain both financially and in terms of effort to replace the components, this can be done but the loss of your data is something that is difficult to recover from. It is always advisable to use a power surge protector when plugging in a PC but should you suffer problems because of a power surge we would suggest keeping the PC switched off and requesting help and advice from us on how to at least recover your data

PC Hard Drive Printed Circuitry Failings:

The PCB – or Printed Circuit Board – attached to your hard drive sends valuable information back and forth to the motherboard as to how the drive will run in conjunction with it. If you switch your computer on and there is no power or sound from the hard drive then it is a fairly safe bet that the PCB has been damaged. Likewise if you can smell a faint smell of burning it could well be that the PCB has suffered at the mercy of a power surge. In some instances a sound can be heard and this can be best described as a gentle ticking (sometimes it can be loud) but if you hear this sound then it is also a fairly safe assumption that the PCB has been damaged beyond repair. If this has happened removing the drive and installing it in another machine will do nothing to help. We here at www.miltonkeynesdatarecovery.co.uk carry the most up to date data recovery software and can at least recover your data if not the drive

PC Motherboard and Hard Drive Firmware Incompatibilities:

Most of the major components within your PC have firmware built in. This little spoken of software patch is pre-installed in the factory and allows your motherboard and hard drive to communicate with each other and operate in unison. There are times however when the firmware on either of these (and on the rare occasion both) can fail or can be outdated. You may find that some manufacturers issue upgrades for their firmware but installing them can be tricky and can cause the complete loss of all function to your hard drive. If you find that your hard drive will not function and this is the result of a firmware failure contact us and ask us about how we can help you recover your data and possibly help with a firmware fix

PC Hard Drive Problems as Identified by Windows, Linux and Unix:

PCs have a habit of working perfectly and suddenly stopping without warning and when this happens the problem can be diagnosed as having originated from the hard drive. The hard drive in your PC has a lifespan as do all components in computers and if your hard drive has failed well within that lifespan it is more than likely that some other contributing factor is the cause. Windows, Linux and Unix all possess the ability to warn you of potential hard drive failure but you should be aware that there are occasions when they simply don’t report the problem quickly enough. Be on the look out for slow speeds when it comes to opening and closing and saving documents as well as unscheduled shutdowns. If you are aware of any of these then you may well have a faulty drive that is in need of data recovery. Whilst we make every effort to repair your hard drive sometimes the best we can aim for is the safe and complete recovery of your information

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