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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Camera Memory Card Usage Issues:

Memory cards fail just like hard drives and can do so for similar reasons but because they are portable and can be kept in pockets, wallets and such they are sometimes prone to malfunction caused by physical damage. Memory cards also fail because of problems within their EEPROM memory chip and can do so with no warning at all so if you have important or precious data stored on your memory card when it fails please contact us to find out how we can utilise our state of the art recovery software to help rescue it

Memory Card Physical Damage Failure:

Physical damage to a memory card is something that sadly happens all too often. Due to its small size and ability to find its way into places where other storage devices might not the memory card can be broken, snapped in half, bent, and generally beaten up badly. Sometimes it may even continue to work after such heavy treatment but the sad truth is that there is only so much a memory card can take and as a result you may well find that trying to read your data from it will turn out to be a lost cause. We however at are able to recover data from damaged memory cards using software that can access the chip inside. Contact us for more information.

Memory Card Rendered Useless by Electronic Interference:

Within memory cards there are small capacitors that are used to help pass information through to the point where it is saved. These capacitors along with other tiny components can be damaged by exposure to harsh conditions such as excessive heat and cold and interference from electronic devices that operate using magnetic fields. To this end such exposure can render the device useless when inserted into a card reader (be it internal or external) but we are able to reconstitute your data should you require us to do so.

Memory Card Mistakenly Formatted or Deleted:

One of the most common reasons we find we are presented with when asked to recover lost data from memory cards is that the information has been accidentally deleted or the card mistakenly formatted. This is something that presents no problems for us and should not cause you any shame; it can happen to the best of us. The inadvertent loss of data can sometimes occur when using a card in an unfamiliar computer which allocates it an unfamiliar drive letter. Likewise the same can be said when it comes to formatting the card. Providing you haven’t tried to save additional to the card after your initial mistaken deletion we have a high success rate in recovering the data.

Memory Card Reader Unable to Read or Write to Memory Card:

There may come a time when you insert your memory card into a card reader and it reports that the card is not recognisable. This may be the result of physical damage or exposure to unfamiliar elements or may simply be the failure of the onboard firmware. Whatever the reason we at can help you recover the data and back it up safely to another medium for safe keeping

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