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Camera Data Recovery


I have recently been using a new memory card in my digital camera. The old one was connecting fine to both the camera and the computer, but I hit a problem when I tried to download some pictures from the new card onto the computer. Firstly, when I loaded it into the camera, the display showed the message ‘memory card unusable’, and asked me to install a memory card, and the card data did not show up at all on the computer. I have already formatted the new card prior to saving photographs onto it, so I did not see there would be any problems when trying to extract the data. I have also tried to put the card into the computer using a memory card reader, one of those little ones which plugs into the USB port. There was some sign that the card was being read, as the light on the side of the reader kept flashing, but nothing appeared in My Computer. I tried using another port, in the hope that that was the problem, but I still cannot see the data on the card.


I bought a new SanDisk 32GB memory card recently hoping to improve the durability of my camera and ensure that it could take more photographs without having to download files onto the computer. I do work for a national newspaper, and often need a camera that can take a large number of photographs in a short space of time. I have experienced repeated data loss with this card. In particular, I need help with recovering data from an excavation, where I recorded the finds using photographs as one key data recording method. I can see the photographs when I turn on the camera, but when I try to download them, the card reports that it is empty. They are not visible to the computer, and this is where the problems lie. Clearly, the photographs are still available to the camera, and I have checked that they involve the memory card by removing it, using another card, and then replacing the SanDisk. The pictures still show up.