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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I am trying to get a Windows operating system working on an old Acer desktop. The bills for the PC show that it was built to order in about 2005. I have ‘inherited’ it from a family member, and used it for several months, but recently the operating system failed. I tried to log into the computer, and the system told me that the OS was missing. I have looked in BIOS and other parts of the computer which I could access, but not my personal desktop. I had recently uploaded Windows 7 onto the system, and so I took the disks an initiated a recovery. The CD is clearly spinning in the ROM, but the machine only says ‘saving’, and then it will exit, closing down immediately. I have tried to select the right option for Boot Up in BIOS, and have tried several times, but I can’t get past the ‘saving’ screen. I have college work on the computer which needs to be recovered.


I have a Windows PC which uses the Vista operating system. I was looking through some web pages on the internet yesterday when the web suddenly crashed, and then Windows started to close all of the programs. It rebooted itself, and did not crash or go black, but instead froze, and then restarted, more like a system restart than a boot from the beginning. I did not hit restart. The computer started spinning the hard drive as usual, but when the screen gets to the Windows Loading page, it just sticks there. It now stays there every time I try to get into the Windows system. I have tried a few tricks such as changing the power cables and adjusting the SATA cables, but nothing is working. It seems as though the OS system has crashed, and is now missing. I have data on the drive that I desperately need to save, preferably before the end of the month.