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Emails From Local Data Recovery Clients

I’ve been using an Apple iMac running OS X with a 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. I’ve had this machine for some time now and during that time I have had no problems at all. It’s a little trouper and handles nearly everything I throw at it. I know it was originally manufactured mid 2006 which is a few months before I bought it. Here is my problem. A friend told me that I could use laptop memory in the iMac. This seemed a great discovery because I thought that I could put a whole load more memory in and make the machine run better. I went to a high street consumer, told them what I was doing, and they sold me laptop memory that would fit. Sadly though and I’m sure you knew this was coming, the memory didn’t work and the iMac went a bit weird to say the least. When I replaced my original memory the iMac seemed to return to normal and I got a few days out of it unaffected. Now though its switching on, going to the grey log on screen and the circle spins. I can hear the hard disc almost screaming as it tries to spin but it just won’t do it now. I’ve checked out various websites and forums who say that the disc thinks it is permanently dismounted and now I can’t do anything. I need help.

I’m sure you have heard this a 1000 times before but I have managed to drop my computer while moving it from one room to another. It’s a Zoostorm 7877 that I bought online from Amazon. I had no complaints with the machine before dropping it but now it wont boot up for me. I’m not even getting any messages on screen telling me there are any problems. It is running Windows Vista and has a SATA II 1TB drive in it. I don’t know what make it is because I understand that Zoostorm cobble machines together using a variety of bits. I have taken it to my local pc hardware shop and the guy there checked that the SATA cable was connected. He said sometimes the hard drive isn’t damaged its just the cable has worked its way lose. Sadly the cable was tightly fitted and I’m left with having spent money for a repair that couldn’t be done and then having to fork out for a new SATA drive. The guy in the shop recommended using a data recovery company and recommended yourselves so I could get the stuff I want back off the original drive, is this something you can help me with?