Case Study 1: Mac G5 – Student Missing Documents

A student had been using a Mac G5 system for 3 years without any problems. The student needed documents from year one for his finals. He had a folder in documents called year one and all his 1st year uni work was in that folder. When he opened the folder it was blank. He then clicked onto the folder and that was also blank. His final year folder (year 3) is okay and contained all his data but the student needed the data back from 1st two years to complete his degree. The student scanned the hard drive with recovery software but did not work for him.

We received in the hard drive and diagnosed that the hard drive had millions of bad sectors. We put hard drive on a sector imaging machine and copied all the sectors from the hard drive. We imaged all sectors and processed the data from the Mac G5 hard drive. All missing data was recovered.

* We have a critical data recovery service which means we can recover your data in as little as 24 hours.