Case Study 2: Buffalo Linkstation – One Failed Disk in Raid Array

Client reported that the Buffalo Linkstation had fallen off their network. The business was a local vet in Milton Keynes and they used the Buffalo NAS for all business related data including their booking in system, invoices and xrays. The client used windows explorer to try and locate the Buffalo Linkstation, he also used Buffalo Navigator software to try and locate the NAS system but again no joy. Client also tried connecting to the Buffalo Linkstation through its IP address using internet explorer but again no joy. Client tried replacing usb and power cables but again no joy.

We received in the 4 disk raid 5 Buffalo Linkstation from client and diagnosed that the 1st disk in the raid 5 Buffalo Linkstation array had failed. Normally it should report this and offer a rebuild option but the Buffalo Linkstation did not offer this option to our client. We imaged the 3 good disks in the Buffalo Linkstation and then processed the raid 5 data using the raid parity on those disks. Data was extracted and sent back to client within 2 days.

* We are Raid 5 specialists and believe we offer the quickest turnaround data recovery times within the UK!