Case Study 3: Failed IBM Server Rebuild

Client had a problem with a raid 5 server and had to replace one of the drives in the raid array. The client removed the failed hard drive on the advice of IBM Technical Support Department and installed a new hard drive. Client successfully replaced hard drive and waited for the system to rebuild but the rebuild process did not kick in. Instead the server does not recognise the array or the new hard drive that was a replacement disk for the failed hard drive. Client contacted IBM’s tech support and they got the server to recognise the array but they think from diagnosing the system that there is one disk still missing even though replacement disk is connected to system so won’t go onto the rebuild program. IBM cannot resolve the issue.

This is a common fault with IBM servers, a replacement disk stalls the server and it does not go into rebuild mode. We imaged all disks including the original failed disk and processed 100% of the data from the raid array. Data contained accounts data for Vat & Excise and Income tax data for the whole company.

* If IBM cannot recover the data from your failed server, please contact ourselves.