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Recovering Data from a Laptop


Hello. I need some help with an HP Pavilion Laptop which was operating Vista. I recently had a problem with the system which resulted in the fan breaking down. I was going to replace it, but shortly after the fan went, I discovered that I could not get onto Windows, the system would not boot up into the Windows screen, but would hang there. Now, it will not even start going into the system, just goes straight onto the HP recovery screen. I decided to take it back to the store that I had bought it from not too long before, but they said that there was nothing they could do for the hard drive. Apparently, the disk was showing up as corrupt, and this meant that data recovery was impossible.


I am currently trying to work with an HP Touchsmart laptop which was purchased to use with the business. The problem is that I partitioned the drive, and installed Windows 7 on one part of it, with the recovery partition in the other half. I had tried to install Windows 8 at that point, but the system would not let me. I decided that I wanted to try putting Windows 8 back on the system, but it has not worked. The problem is that I cannot now find the recovery partition. When I try to do F11 in order to recover the system, it tells me that no bootable media is available. I looked to make sure that the recovery partition can be found by the system, and it is still available. I even went into the system and made sure that it was active, but the computer will still not respond to my requests.