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Mac Recovery


I have a Macbook Air laptop which I use for document writing in my profession. I recently downloaded a new version of Wordmate, a program designed to help me convert Mac documents into Microsoft word. I downloaded it from Apple, and used it for a couple of documents, but then the Wordmate program would not operate again, saying that it had encountered an ‘unknown error’. I have tried to download the app again, and have not been able to do so. The computer won’t allow me to open the files which I have already converted into Word, and I am not able to read them in other programs such as Pages. This leaves me with a number of articles which have been converted into a Word .doc, but which I can’t access through my Mac folders.


I have an iMac MC309LL, which needs some urgent problem solving. I have been noticing that the Mac is getting very slow for some time, but now it is so slow that I find it almost impossible to start up in the morning. I have to wait for hours to even get to the grey loading screen, and I can’t get much further before the loading process times out and the computer shuts down again. I use this computer for work, which is why it has not been repaired before, but now I am in a situation where I have a lot of data on the desktop, and am not able to recover it. If I get into the operating system, and try to download some of the files onto a USB drive, the computer ends up timing out before the copying has been completed. I am not prepared to risk losing data.