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RAID Server Repair


I am having problems with an HP ProLiant ML system, which is running some kind of RAID array, I don’t know the full configuration. One of the drives serves as a backup to the main storage system, and so the data is very important. At first, I thought that both drives in the array had failed at the same time, or at nearly the same time. I think they are in either a RAID 1 or a RAID 6 configuration, but I can’t see which from the computer. I have not had much to do with the server recently, but when I opened up the array case to view the drives after it started beeping, I found that one of the drives has a deep scrape around the edge of the disk. I can’t get this drive to work, as it clicks repeatedly and then powers down. I have looked at the RAID controller, and this suggests that one of the drives has failed some time ago.


I have been trying to run a rebuild on my RAID 6 array after being told by the computer that one of the drives had failed. I ran a program to find out which one had failed, but the scan said that the array was degraded, and then an automatic rebuild started, without me asking the computer to do a rebuild. During the process, it seems as though the failed drive stopped the rebuild, and the whole array has stopped working. The server keeps trying to send a message about a range of SMART errors including one that says ‘unknown failed test element’, which doesn’t help me at all. the RAID controller is also sending me a report that the drive has failed, and while running a test to check this out, discovered that there are multiple bad sectors. The array has rebuilt itself before, without this level of difficulty, and I don’t know what to do now. There was only a small progress in the rebuild, about 14%, before the array stopped. I need help to get the data off of the drives, and I really want to be able to recover this.