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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I need help with a Dell server that has a RAID 0 configuration in the array. I am having problems because the system is reporting errors in the array, and will not boot up to Windows. I can get into the BIOS screen, but that is about it. There is a single hard drive in the array which is split into partitions in order to form the RAID 0. I really want to get into the system as there is a lot of data saved by people throughout the office, and which is important company information. At the moment I am struggling to recover the data due to these problems with the array.


I am using a pair of WD drives configured into a RAID server. There are 3 partitions on the system, which I use to save data from my college work. I have not backed up the information on the drives, but I am now getting a message which says that one of the hard drives has failed. This problem has caused the bootloader system to refuse to boot. This means that I cannot get into the two partitions which contain the data saved onto the system.