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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am trying to recover a RAID 1 disk which is not being recognised by the server. I have been suffering power surges and blackouts which have affected the whole of my area, and despite using a surge protector, think that this is one reason why the server is not booting up properly. The problem is that the RAID 1 drive was being used to store data from my computer, and I now cannot access that data. I have tried the drive in another system, and put it into a c: drive in another computer, but it is still not allowing me to see the files which make up the majority of my saved data. I have not been able to boot up the drives to the server, but they are visible on my BIOS screen, under an X-label. I tried several times to change the drive letter, but the server will not allow this. I don’t know what else to do to get the system working again, but I need to get that data off without corrupting or damaging it.


I have been using a Dell server running Windows 2003, and connected to this I have a RAID 1 array which contains 2TB drives, including partitions which I think are also RAID 1. The problem is that I have a corrupt file on one of the drives which is not needed, and which is located in one of the partitions on that drive. Currently, even though I am trying to delete it from the array, the computer will not allow me to do so. The message I am getting says that ‘the directory is not empty’, which seems odd since it is a file, not a directory. File checks confirm that the file is corrupt and cannot be opened or used. If I click on that file, the computer will request that I perform a full CHKDSK. I want to recover the files if possible?